Vimeo’s New Video Review – Collaboration, Meet Efficiency.

Vimeo’s New Video Review – Collaboration, Meet Efficiency.

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Post-production just got simpler: with the all-new Vimeo panel, you can upload videos from Adobe directly to your Vimeo account in just one click. And if you’re a PRO and Business member, you can instantly create a video review page from Adobe to start collaborating with reviewers. Download the free panel now:

These video review tools are designed to help you save time, simplify your workflow, and keep you focused on the feedback.

Collaboration, meet efficiency. With new video review pages, it’s easier than ever to securely share rough cuts and gather feedback from your reviewers with time-coded notes — all on Vimeo, all included in your Vimeo PRO and Business membership.


Key Points:

Add notes, right in the video. Reviewers can click directly on any frame to leave a time-coded note. When you click a note, you automatically jump to the right frame.

Share with unlimited reviewers. Securely send a private review page link to anyone — even if they’re not on Vimeo.

Track your progress. Reply in real time, or turn notes into to-do lists to make updating your video simpler than ever before.


Here’s what current users are saying.

“The Vimeo review feature solves one of the biggest headaches in the editorial workflow: taking and sharing notes. It probably reduces the time required to share feedback by 50%. It’s a transformative tool.” –  Thomas Woodrow, Filmmaker

“The ability to have review features built into Vimeo is a game changer. It allows me to keep the quality Vimeo already has built into its platform and get the feedback I need from my clients.” – Casey Wertz, Casey Wertz Cinematography

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