Genus Mini Jib & MoCo – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Genus Mini Jib & MoCo – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

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The new Genus Mini Jib has been designed for Genus by James Smith of DSLR Devices in the UK. This revolutionary camera jib arm gives you the freedom to take a camera jib to places you would have only dreamt of in the past. Designed for lightweight portability, simple setup and reliable performance.

Like most Genus products, the build quality is superb yet quite simple. Providing you keep the camera configuration simple, the whole system can be set up and operated by one person. The jib comes completely assembled and folds down to fit in its own carry case. I have added a small Manfrotto 701HD Head to my setup. This also fits into the carry case provided. The only thing left to buy is some small weights to counterbalance the system. I found some on eBay, I’m sure you won’t struggle to pick some up on the high street. The Jib also has two quick release adjustable weight clamps that allow you balance out your rig, these like the rest of the system are strong and grip extremely tightly.

Mini Jib Dimensions: 

Collapsed 84 cm
Extended 180.5 cm
Weight 1.58 Kg
Maximum Camera Weight 4.25 Kg
Height range 1.87 m


The Genus MoCo

The Genus MoCo will attach to almost any tripod and jib combination on the market. Within minutes you will be ready to create controlled movements for live or time-lapse sequences. The MoCo is small enough to fit in your back trouser pockets but allows to produce results that previously were reserved for high budget productions. Easy to set up. Just clamp to your tripod, unwind and attach string to your jib and balance. Connect control unit to battery and adjust to desired speed.

The Genus MoCo allows you to increase your production value for minimal cost and effort.


I’ve had the Genus MoCo for a while now, the times I have had it out it has been fantastic, I’ve just not had chance to get it out for timelapse work as much as I would have liked recently. Ben and I have ventured out on occasions and used the MoCo with a slider and produced some pretty great stuff. Although designed with the Mini Jib in mind, it works brilliantly in combination with a slider to achieve some good linear moves. It is also powerful enough to pull along a slider on an incline. The Mini Jib & Moco is a great bit of kit for any filmmaker or timelapse photographer looking to keep their kit lightweight, but still able to produce some incredible results.


I’m hoping to get out with this much more in the coming weeks so I will try and post a more in-depth review of the system with images of the configuration and some test more test footage to accompany the review. Below are the results of some test I have done so far with the MoCo attached to a slider, although not perfect, it gives you a good idea of what is achievable.




    • Unfortunately it won’t be much good for astro-timelapse. Its a continuos motor, that takes around 20 minutes to cover a 1m track. This option is best used during the day for quite short timelapse videos.

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