Featured Work: Diner in NY by Miho Aikawa

Featured Work: Diner in NY by Miho Aikawa

1 2054

Miho Aikawa creatively photographs individuals, couples and families eating diner in NY. Diner refers to the main meal of the day. Consuming food has shifted in the last 30 years from a primary activity to a mostly secondary activity. More than ever in North America, the main meal is eaten while focusing on something else. These images give us a unique glimpse into the hectic lives of some New Yorkers and is probably representative of many people in other urban environments the world over.

It seems Miho Aikawa has blended into her surroundings incredibly well. The photographs give no hint that an intruder behind the scenes. Great photos, Miho Aikawa! I highly recommend you check out the artists website: www.mihophoto.com  and follow her online Facebook: @Miho Aikawa Photography Twitter: @mihophoto Instagram: @mihophoto. Remember, all images are © Miho Aikawa.

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